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25. Living in St. Paul, MN. I like music and TV and books. Especially good ones.
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My hair is getting so loooonnng. #growingoutshorthair #whyamidoingthis

New phonnnnee

Block Party looks. 


Regram: @marniegamble #otr #beyonce #jayz

Regram: @marniegamble #otr #beyonce #jayz

On the Run Tour outfit for Thursday. With my hair done obviously. Haha.

Fun with filters.

Fresh lines for #flipphone in #Minneapolis tonight!

I got a haircut yesterday toooo.

Outfit today.

Mikaela is booooored at work.

Can I join in on the crop tops?

Photo credit: Marnie Gamble

Little. Tiny. Pigtails.

Little. Tiny. Pigtails.